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    1. Dear Red Fox,
      I personally disagree with you because you told me that you didn't even finish the book! THEN said you hated it and it was boring which thought was very rude! You didn't even give an explanation! I enjoyed this book because it tells you you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I also thought that this book has amazing art I really looked in to that and I said "WOW I've never seen anything like this!" And I give a very big hand to Marla Frazee.

    2. Sugar Panda, this the moderator, Andrea Burke. I don't want to delete your comment because most of it is good.Your first three sentences responding to Red Fox and criticizing that blogger need to be removed by you. We are discussing the books and not picking apart each other as readers. Also, we are learning how to use the blog format to celebrate and share our thinking about books and authors that could win Newbery Award. I hope more students will write about the books and why they think a book should win. You have very good comments about the books - keep writing!


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